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Our Angel, Ciara

Ciara Chiesa’s Circle of Hope was established to honor a beautiful young lady who exemplified strength, courage, perseverance , love, and joy each day of her life.  Ciara was diagnosed with brain cancer at 6 years of age and endured eight years of surgeries, treatments, and tough side effects while just trying to be a kid.  She lost her battle with cancer at the tender age of 14.  During the many ups and downs of fighting brain cancer, she inspired her family and those who knew her by waking each day with a smile, embracing the day ahead, and being deeply concerned for other kids who were facing health issues too, who she wanted to help.


It is in this spirit that we started Ciara’s Circle to help young people and their families who may be in need, and to support programs and organizations that promote the wellbeing of children and the wellbeing of our community.  Furthermore, we strive to fund cancer research and patient support programs hoping we can help in finding better treatments, better services and an end to cancer itself.  

Where Our Proceeds Go


Our proceeds also go to numerous families and children in our local community who are battling cancer or enduring the loss of a loved one.

As of today, Ciara's Circle of Hope has granted over $115,000 to numerous local young people and their families, along with other national organizations.

A message from the Chiesa's

The way Ciara faced this horrible disease taught us not only about death but even more importantly about life and in particular how to live life.  We learned how to take nothing for granted and to live in the moment. Our challenge to you is to use Ciara’s life as an example to make a difference in this world.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be grand but often it’s the small things that really add up. Like Ciara, look for the good things in each day and each person you will meet. Meet adversity with determination and strength. Ciara had a sweet and infectious smile and she smiled even when she hurt. So smile at others even when you don’t feel like it because if we all did this more often, the world would definitely be a better place. Continue to pray and know that God is listening.

The saying is true that we have a choice on how we let every situation affect us.  We can either choose to be positive and accept the outcome and make the most of it or we can choose to react negatively and let it consume us until we no longer see the rainbow through the rain.  We have made a conscious effort to follow Ciara’s lead and choose a positive attitude each day.  

We were never given a promise that this life would be easy but fortunately, we have been told the next one will be.  In the meantime we will never stop missing Ciara and wishing she was still here but we will remember that life is a gift and God asks us to honor him by making the most of this gift he has given us.  We can trust that the one who provided “the good old days” can continue to provide good new days.  We have hope that if yesterday was so full of meaning and joy, why not tomorrow?  

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Making a difference one jar at a time

Made with only one ingredient: raw organic walnuts.


A portion of proceeds made from the purchase of the organic raw walnut butter goes directly to a child 

battling cancer.

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Maya Angelou

God put rainbows in the clouds so that each of us in the dreariest and most dreaded moments can see a possibility of HOPE.